See what Calgary Radiant Heat's customers are saying about our work with pictures below:

March 29/17 - "Thank you so much"

March 18/17 - "This is great, thanks.  I was concerned that it might damage the pipes, but glad it isn't.  I'll just turn the thermostat down.  Appreciate the prompt response."                                                                                



CRH Job Description:  This customer's system supplies heat to the basement slab, upstairs mudroom and domestic hot water.  The boiler system consists of a Weil-McLain boiler, Cross Connection Control Device, Heatlink manifold and Indirect Fired Hot Water Tank.  Regular maintenance to the heating system was performed and the control system was upgraded to a Caleffi controller.  Memorable achievements of this job was that Calgary Radiant Heat was able to supply heat to the upstairs mudroom when this zone hadn't worked for many years.  Although this customer was a new referral to Calgary Radiant Heat, talking with you seemed like we had worked together for years.  It was a pleasure working with you.

CRH Calgary Radiant Heat Team         

March 2/17 - "Thanks for the call!  Just a side note to recognize one of your employees.  Darrel was firing up the hot water tank and noticed an elbow connector for a waterline that was not pushed into place properly and crimped improperly as well.  Surely this would have resulted in a burst line sooner than later and lots of water damage.

February 28/17 - "I think I will have them back to complete the sink install IF we ever get our counter tops!!  They have done a great job here and we are very happy so far!  Thanks!



 February 10/17 - "Thanks so much Melanie.  Your service on such a cold day was appreciated more than you could imagine."



January 18/17 - "I wanted to thank you and the men that did the installing of the boiler.  The boiler and the piping was installed nicely in the area that you had and it looks well laid out with though given to future expansion.  Also they were able to get it done in the two coldest days of the year without leaving us without heat.  They also ceaned up after they were done.  Thank you again."



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