Calgary Radiant Heat services provide maintenance contracts for boiler clean, residential boiler repairs, hydronic heat installations, design and heatloss calculations and cross connection testing for the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. All testable backflow devices are services by a certified cross connection control tester and journeyman plumber registered by the City of Calgary. Residential boilers and products that we service such as Viessmann boilers are listed on our page.

  • Cross Connection Control Device Testing or Backflow Device Testing.  Calgary Radiant Heat is certified with the City of Calgary under their certified tester list as cross connection control device specialists in Calgary.  This qualifies all devices used for water main backflow devices, Irrigation backflow devices and boiler water feed backflow devices.  We offer installation, repair and testing of all cross connection control devices.


  • Radiant Heat residential repairs or maintenance service.  Calgary Radiant Heat has experience in installation of full radiant heat services starting with a custom design to the installation of the floor piping to the boiler install.  We currently provide repairs, replacement and maintenance contracts both for our existing installations and referred customers.  We stand behind our installations and provide ongoing service after the initial installation.  All installations are provided by Certified Plumbing Journeyman who hold their Master's degree.
  •                                                           Mechanical room with Viessmann boiler and irrigation cross connection control device
  • Design and Heat Loss Calculations for any project.  Calgary Radiant Heat designs all the radiant heat systems they install and also provide this option for existing boiler repairs or service if required.  We have our Hydronic Heating Design Certification and this integral part of the job is done within our own company.  We do not subcontract this important feature of the radiant heat installation to product sales representatives who do not understand our customer's heating needs, home design or installation requirements with only taking a 1 week course to achieve their certification.  We have all required certifications and years of installation experience required to do this part of the job right.  You can always change a boiler design as it is accessible in the mechanical room.  However, it is not as easy to change your piping that is surrounded in concrete slab or drywall ceiling. 
  •                                                                 Design and Heat Loss Caculation
  • Heat Exchanger Boiler Clean for Trinity (NTI), Viessmann, IBC, Lochinvar, Weil-McLain, Slant Fin, Super Hot (Allied).  Calgary Radiant Heat provides maintenance to radiant heat systems.  This consists of cleaning boiler heat exchangers on a 1, 2 or 3 year intervals.  Timing of heat exchanger cleans depends on the type of boiler and also the use of the boiler.  Our certified journeyman can determine what maintenance requirements your system needs and how often they are required.
  •                                                                           Boiler Heat Exchanger Clean
Other Services provided by Calgary Radiant Heat:

      - Control Services - Caleffi, Tekmar, Uponor, Heatlink (Statlink), Taco, HBX

      - Indirect Fired Hot Water Tanks - All models including Bradford White, Viessmann, IBC, Boch and Super Hot

      - Cross Connection Control Device Testing or Backflow Device Testing - Watts, Conbracco, Apollo

      - Boiler Water Quality Testing both pH Levels and glycol Levels

      - Yearly maintenance programs

> Plumbing residential new installations and renovations

> Gas residential new installations and renovations

Contact us to design your heating requirements.

Uponor fast track piping system for a basement residential home.  All design and heat loss calculations were completed by Calgary Radiant Heat.  A Viessmann boiler with instant domestic hot water were installed for this heating system.

Uponor fast track radiant heat installation

3 Viessmann boilers installed in a residential application supplying full house heat and snowmelt system using Viessmann controller and Tekmar controller with two watts cross connection control devices.

Viessmann Boiler Cross Connection Control Device Testing

The Luxury of Silent Heat...