Calgary Radiant Heat provides a blog for news and promotions on maintenance contracts for a boiler clean, residential boiler repairs, hydronic heat installations, design and heatloss calculations and cross connection testing for the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. All backflow testing is completed by a certified cross connection control tester and journeyman plumber registered by the City of Calgary. Residential boilers and products that offer news and promotions such as Viessmann boilers are included on our page.

Information for the City of Calgary cross connection control program can be located on the City of Calgary website.  You can locate Calgary Radiant Heat under their website under "certified testers."  Information on their website includes questions for cross connection control devices, backflow devices and acertified testers list.  For a direct link to the City of Calgary Website:

NTI TRX150 boiler replacement with WiFi

November 20, 2020
Another successful boiler replacement installed by Pat and the CRH team.  Unfortunately it was a replacement of one of our original installations.  The original Lochinvar boiler system was damaged by electrolysis caused from a lightning strike to the home.  Calgary Radiant Heat needed to act fast as this was the main source of heat for domestic hot water and main heat source for most of the house.  NTI boiler was able to supply us with an in stock TRX150 boiler with their latest WiFi technology.  We can now trouble shoot problems with the boiler without having to enter our customer's homes.  Our customer can now monitor their mechanical system while away on holidays.  There are so many options...

Covid 19 - Coronavirus

March 31, 2020
Update:  Please visit our new website Calgary Cross Connection Test and press the Covid 19 Protocol button.  This will take you directly to our Covid 19 Protocol listed on Calgary Radiant Heat Cross Connection.

On March 15, 2020, the City of Calgary declared a state of Emergency.  What does that mean for Calgary Radiant Heat?  Long before this date we were taking precautions in public spaces.  Example:  Using gloves when touching any public door, ATM machine, etc.  Following up with hand sanit...
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Cross Connection Testing

May 20, 2018
Receive reduced Irrigation cross connection device testing in your Calgary community.  All you have to do is let your neighbour know that we offer reduced rates and we can schedule both tests for the same day.  The savings in travel expenses are relayed back to our customers.  Why pay more for individual trips?  Our reduced rate package includes travel to your home, the cross connection control device test, all documentation forwarded to the City of Calgary and separate billing.  Call us toda...
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Irrigation cross connection control device tester:

May 11, 2017
It is that time of year again.  The city of Calgary bylaw states that all back flow devices installed on an irrigation system must have the annual testing of the cross connection control device done before turning on the irrigation system.  At Calgary Radiant Heat, we have a certified cross connection control tester.  Schedule your appointment today!
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Certified City of Calgary Cross Connection Control Device Tester list:

May 7, 2017
Calgary Radiant Heat is listed under the City of Calgary approved or certified tester list.  To be listed with the City of Calgary you only need a 1 week training course.  Yes, that is correct, you only require a 1 week training course to receive your certification.  Calgary Radiant Heat's certified testers have more than just a one week course.  We have two certified Master Journeyman Plumbers who not only can test your device, however we are also certified to install and repair them as well...
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Boiler Backflow Device Test

April 10, 2017
All boiler systems have some type of cross connection control device to separate the boiler water system from your drinking water.  These devices need to be tested every year.  However, your boiler system also requires maintenance every year.  Calgary Radiant heat offers both of these services at one low rate.  We are certified to supply your boiler maintenance and test your cross connection device. 
Test your (RP Backflow Device) Cross Connection Control Device and receive a FREE b...
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Boiler Heat Exchanger Clean

April 10, 2017
Take advantage of our free Cross Connection Control Device Test (RP Backflow Preventer) at the same time of getting your boiler heat ex-changer cleaned! 

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Irrigation Cross Connection Control Device Test

April 10, 2017
It's that time of year again!  The snow is almost gone and it is Spring clean up time.  We are now starting up irrigation systems.  If you already have irrigation, you may also receive a letter from the City of Calgary advising you that your Cross Connection Control Device is due for testing.  We offer reduced rates for testing DCVA for Irrigation systems.  These tests take less labour time, so why pay more for service that you are not receiving from other companies?
Spring Promotion CRH Calga...
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Calgary Home and Garden Show

March 10, 2016

Calgary Radiant Heat would like to send a SPECIAL THANK YOU! to everyone who helped make the Home Show a success!

We would like to thank everyone that came down and visited our booth, you all made our first Home and Garden Show a success! It was great to see our current customers and to meet new people interested in Hydronic Radiant Heat for their homes! If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us with any questions and inquiries! 
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Calgary Home and Garden Show

February 21, 2016
Calgary Radiant Heat is proud to announce that they will be exhibiting in the Calgary Home and Garden Show.

Come visit us in the Coral - Booth C16 - located across the aisle between the beer gardens and food truck.

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Irrigation backflow device and boiler feed cross connection control device installed on boiler system.

Irrigation cross connection device, DCVA :

Irrigation cross connection device test

Boiler feed cross connection device, RP:

Watts backflow device requiring city of Calgary cross connection testce used on typical boiler feed application.
Conbraco backflow device requiring Calgary cross connection test
Boiler Clean before heat exchanger clean done with piles of sediment.
Dirty boiler heat exchanger green scale before boiler clean
Boiler Clean after heat exchanger clean was completed during maintenance contract.
Lush green lawn bordered with purple and pink flowers with irrigation sprinklers using a cross connection device to stop contamination in the water system.
Bright orange Viessmann boiler display in Germany showing a interested customers