Update:  Please visit our new website Calgary Cross Connection Test and press the Covid 19 Protocol button.  This will take you directly to our Covid 19 Protocol listed on Calgary Radiant Heat Cross Connection.

On March 15, 2020, the City of Calgary declared a state of Emergency.  What does that mean for Calgary Radiant Heat?  Long before this date we were taking precautions in public spaces.  Example:  Using gloves when touching any public door, ATM machine, etc.  Following up with hand sanitization.  Washing our hands before and after leaving our office.  Following all news media's with information on what current suggestions were.  The biggest thing we can do is self distancing measures.  We have reduced our services to EMERGENCY only for our current customers.  We have hundreds of customers with floor heat systems which supply both heat and hot water to their homes.  After contacting the City of Calgary on Cross Connection Test procedures, we are not putting these tests on hold, rather we are planning for testing to be processed later this year.  During this time of self distancing, we are gathering more information as to what PPE materials are possible to further help prevent the spread of Covid 19 to our customers and staff.  Our procedures are revolving on a daily basis.