Calgary Radiant Heat provides a blog for news and promotions on maintenance contracts for a boiler clean, residential boiler repairs, hydronic heat installations, design and heatloss calculations and cross connection testing for the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. All backflow testing is completed by a certified cross connection control tester and journeyman plumber registered by the City of Calgary. Residential boilers and products that offer news and promotions such as Viessmann boilers are included on our page.

Information for the City of Calgary cross connection control program can be located on the City of Calgary website.  You can locate Calgary Radiant Heat under their website under "certified testers."  Information on their website includes questions for cross connection control devices, backflow devices and acertified testers list.  For a direct link to the City of Calgary Website:

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Irrigation cross connection control device tester:

Posted by Melanie Patten on Thursday, May 11, 2017, In : News 
It is that time of year again.  The city of Calgary bylaw states that all back flow devices installed on an irrigation system must have the annual testing of the cross connection control device done before turning on the irrigation system.  At Calgary Radiant Heat, we have a certified cross connection control tester.  Schedule your appointment today!
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Certified City of Calgary Cross Connection Control Device Tester list:

Posted by Melanie Patten on Sunday, May 7, 2017, In : News 
Calgary Radiant Heat is listed under the City of Calgary approved or certified tester list.  To be listed with the City of Calgary you only need a 1 week training course.  Yes, that is correct, you only require a 1 week training course to receive your certification.  Calgary Radiant Heat's certified testers have more than just a one week course.  We have two certified Master Journeyman Plumbers who not only can test your device, however we are also certified to install and repair them as well...
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Irrigation backflow device and boiler feed cross connection control device installed on boiler system.

Irrigation cross connection device, DCVA :

Irrigation cross connection device test

Boiler feed cross connection device, RP:

Watts backflow device requiring city of Calgary cross connection testce used on typical boiler feed application.
Conbraco backflow device requiring Calgary cross connection test
Boiler Clean before heat exchanger clean done with piles of sediment.
Dirty boiler heat exchanger green scale before boiler clean
Boiler Clean after heat exchanger clean was completed during maintenance contract.
Lush green lawn bordered with purple and pink flowers with irrigation sprinklers using a cross connection device to stop contamination in the water system.
Bright orange Viessmann boiler display in Germany showing a interested customers